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LOOKOUT PASS SKI AREA - COVID-19 RESPONSE & ACTION ITEMS - We want all guests to know and abide by these measures. 

EFFECTIVE Nov. 20, 2020: 
Panhandle Health & Shoshone County made WEARING A MASK MANDATORY -  inside anywhere, & outside where ever people are gathering. (This includes in our Lift lines, and in Ticket lines). This Mandate has a penalty of a Misdeemer Criminal offense and a $1,000 fine or Jail term to the individual.
Please know that MASKS WILL BE MANDATORY inside all buildings, outside in our Lift Line, Ticket Line and anywhere 6ft social distancing proves to be challenging.  

The ADA Does Not Allow For Exemptions For GUESTS To Avoid - Mask Mandates!
In short there unequivocally ARE no exemptions that a guest may legally claim under the ada, that due to a medical condition or disability, they can be exempt from the ski industry's general face coverings and mask mandates!

the department of justice and the us equal employment opportunity commission (eeoc) hAve clearly stated that businesses and other places of public accommodation may insist on such health protocols to protect their employees and other guests! 

EFFECTIVE Nov. 13, 2020: Idaho Governor, Brad Little, moved the state of ID back to Modified Stage II.
Please understand these are guidelines and not mandates. Businesses will remain open under the new statewide public health order. However, all individuals and businesses should continue following recommended protocols to minimize transmission, including


  If a guests doesn't want to ride with others on a lift - It is ok for them to ride alone, but this will make lift line wait times longer!   
  Bars, Nightclubs & Restaurants can operate, but only if patrons are seated!  

  “This does not mean Idaho’s economy is on lockdown - However, all individuals and businesses should follow protocols to minimize transmission.” Idahoans should limit contact with others and stick to physical distancing.
The Governor is not opting to impliment a statewide mask mandate & will continue to allow piublic health districts to make those decisions, but he did plead with citizens to do so out of personal responsibility! 

We ask that you abide by these measures! Your cooperation can be the reason we have a full season! 
We need our guests to be an active participant by adopting these steps to help all feel comfortable and confident that we can all recreate responsibly outside especially while at Ski Lookout Pass!  

EFFECTIVE Oct. 25, 2020:  Idaho's Governor - Brad Little moved our region of ID to Stage III.
  We'll continue to practice all Social Distancing protocals to help keep our Guests, Employees and Community safe!   
  PLEASE MASK UP in all buildings, and while in any line (lift, ticket or other), as well as whenever social distancing proves difficult.        As our guests your choices to participate by wearing masks is important and can help be the reason we enjoy a long season! 
  KEEP 6 ft Social Distancing as a standard practice in all areas! 
  WASH YOUR HANDS Frequently!
  WEAR GOGGLES, Neckies, Masks, Gloves...
  BE KIND TO OTHERS - By adopting the above measures you are recognizing & respecting others desires to do all that is reasonably
  possible to avoid contracting Covid-19! 
CHECK BACK HERE OFTEN FOR UPDATES! - We hope we don't get there but we may at some point have to limit ticket sales or put a reservation system in place. Should we be forced into this position we'll update this page first!   

Posted: Sept. 25, 2020:  Letter from our GM - Brian Bressel. 
Dear Lookout Pass Family, Friends and Employees,

With the wind at our backs from providing a rewarding and enjoyable summer of outdoor recreation on the Historic Route of The Hiawatha Scenic Bike Trail, we are preparing to head into our winter season with feelings of high spirits.

Our goal and commitment to provide people the same freedom to ski and ride in the great winter outdoors is more important and poignant now, than ever before. As a strong and proud business, we are most rewarded when we see the happy smiles and learn of the great memories made on our mountain by guests of all ages.

Lookout Pass will be open this winter! While we were the last resort to close in the USA last spring (due to the impacts of the COVID-19 Virus) we look to be one of the first to open in our region this coming winter!

Lookout Pass remains steadfastly focused on providing the BEST POWDER and groomed snow conditions at the BEST VALUE, while maintaining a true focus on the safety of our staff, guests and communities we work and live in.

No question our operations will be different! We are committed to remaining flexible and patient in how we handle our operations and will continue to follow the guidance of both the Idaho State COVID plans for business and the Idaho Panhandle Health Department guidelines.

Understanding that circumstances may change at any time, the following are Lookout Pass’ COVID related general guidelines to help you in planning your winter visits:

  • If you are SICK OR FEEL SYMPTOMATIC, STAY HOME, so that you can get well, without the worry or burden of possibly infecting others.
  • If you are inside or outside, we ask that you KEEP AT LEAST A 6FOOT DISTANCE BETWEEN YOURSELF AND OTHERS that are not family or people you are traveling with.
  • Whenever you are NOT ABLE TO properly social distance, we ask that you WEAR FACE MASKS OR COVERINGS THAT COVER YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE. This applies to both inside and outside while at the area. Most importantly please be thoughtful and respectful of others, as each of us has a different feeling of what is right and wrong in our handling of COVID concerns.
  • ACCESS TO ALL INDOOR SPACES WILL BE LIMITED: These will include restrooms, locker rooms, restaurant, bar, equipment rentals, ski school, retail shop and other common areas. There are fewer Tables and Chairs inside. 
  • To start the season in our RESTAURANT & LODGE AREA we will not allow guests to boot up or store personal items inside any of the lodges. Fewer tables & seats will be available – TABLES & SEATS THAT ARE AVAILABLE WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE TO GUESTS WHO PURCHASE FOOD /DRINKS FROM THE RESORT!  No outside food may be brought into the lodge (Keep it at your vehicle). We ask that you plan to be outside and consider going to your vehicle to warm up, eat lunch or get items you might need during the day.
  • CHAIRLIFT LINES WILL BE SET UP IN WAYS TO SUPPORT PHYSICAL DISTANCING and guests will be encouraged to ride with family members or traveling companions. Pair up in line with who you are comfortable with. Wear your mask in line & on the lift if riding with strangers. Where feasable, there will be ghost lines to your left & right without any people in them to help with social distancing. Skis & Boards help to serve as a guideline fore and aft. 
  • Lookout SEASON PASS HOLDERS USAGE WILL NOT BE LIMITED throughout the season - Unless the state imposes strict limitations!
  • Try to COME MIDWEEK when less people will be on the mountain. On some busy days guests may find parking lots filling earlier so we encourage all guests to choose days (midweek, non holiday or early & late season) to visit when it is less congested. You will have a better experience and the mountain is giving you an incentive with lower midweek lift ticket rates and more space to roam freely. 
  • We will closely monitor busy days and times and may be forced to limit access to Lookout Pass during peak weekends and holidays. If this occurs, WE WILL OPEN THE MOUNTAIN ON A FIRST-COME - FIRST-SERVED BASIS and will do our best to communicate this on our website and thru social media. Please stay connected to these sources so you can plan accordingly.
  • COME MIDWEEK - To encourage guests to ski and ride on quieter days; WE WILL AGAIN OFFER LOW MID-WEEK - NON HOLIDAY LIFT TICKET RATES! Fewer people on the slopes and in the base will certainly offer a safer recreational experience. We plan to provide online options thru our website to purchase lift tickets for specific dates in advance.
  • ENHANCED CLEANING - Our facilities are cleaned and sanitized daily as part of our normal course of business. Over the past few weeks, we've increased the frequency and extent of those cleanings. Hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed throughout our buildings. Employees are reminded to use proper hand washing techniques and we have posted proper hand washing techniques at all sinks.
  • While we love to party at Lookout Pass, we will need to forgo some events for this winter especially if we feel we cannot do them in a safe and responsible manner. Remember first and foremost it is all about the SNOW! And Lookout fortunately gets the most Powder Snow in the region.
  • RENTAL & LESSONS - Fewer People in the registration areas... details on these programs are available on our website. Lookout Pass offers a season long equipment rental program. Understandably these value-priced season long ski or snowboard rental packages will be available only for a limited time or thru 12/17. SEASON LONG RENTALS are simply the best way to guarantee you’ll have equipment for whatever days you want to visit & without having to go thru the rental process every time you visit. As well, our LOOKOUT PASS SKI SCHOOL has outlined special offerings including Family Privates, Make your own Group Private lessons, Semi-Private, and Small Size Group lessons. Understand that most lesson offerings will require reservations in advance to book. Walk up lesson requests 

We love what we do and look forward to sharing our great mountain with you. We are certainly excited for winter to come and we stand ready to welcome you back in a responsible way.

Be Safe and Enjoy
Brian Bressel
General Manager
Lookout Pass Ski & Recreation Area

Effective May 20, 2020:  Idaho's Governor Brad Little has put our region of ID at Stage IV. We will continue to practice Social Distancing protocals to help keep our Guests, Employees and Community safe!   

As the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) begins to have an increased impact on our community, we feel it is important to connect directly with you to share more about the steps we are taking across our facilities to help our guests, our employees, and our community stay safe and healthy. The health and safety of our guests and employees has always been our top priority. This is a rapidly-evolving situation that we will continue to monitor. Please note that our facilities are open and we are running on our normal schedule, but we have implemented the following precautions to prevent the spread of the virus:

  • Our facilities are cleaned and sanitized daily as part of our normal course of business. Over the past few weeks, we’ve increased the frequency and extent of those cleanings.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed throughout our buildings.
  • Employees & Guests are reminded to use proper hand washing techniques and we have posted proper hand washing techniques at all sinks.
  • CDC education notices have been placed in prominent locations.
  • Employees showing any signs of illness are instructed not to report to work, and these absences will be excused. We expect the same from our guests - Don't come if you feel sick. 
  • We've created more space between tables in the lodge & in the Loft bar by removing seats and tables to create an appropriate buffer area between guests. UPDATED 3-22-2020 Access to the lodge is limited to only use of Bathrooms and access to grab & go Food Service. The Lodge is no longer open for lounging or eating inside. Just Bathroom access and grab & Go food! 
  • We've changed things in our food service - Example: The self-service pizza & soup/chili service will now be exclusively served by our employees.   
  • Lifts will limit the number of people loaded onto a chair. You can always ride by yourself or with only people from your group or family. So Guests do not have to ride with a stranger!  
  • BUIDLINGS UPDATE  - NO lounging or indoor bag storage available. Bathroom, Locker access available along with Grab & Go Food access. Please be Patient when accessing: Food Service, The Bar, Rentals, Snowsports School and Tickets. We are doing this so you don't have to feel you are trapped in a line to access these areas - Lines will be outside and we expect good social distancing. People will be admitted into the building as someone exits. Suggestion - Choose to take your breaks or grab some food at off times - Avoid the conjestion - suggestion eat early 11 am instead of noon (which is high tide), or hold off till 1:30 pm when other have transitioned back out onto the slopes. 
  • We've added more outside seating on our back deck & on the snowbanks surrounding this area.  Chairs & Tables have been added. If the weather is to your liking enjoy a casual break outside. The virus does not like sunshine. So enjoy sitting outside absorbing more vitamin D. You can also make a choice to eat at your vehicle. We are changing some items on our menu to create more grab and go offerings to help reducie your time in an enclosed space.  
  • Food service will have more grab and go options.
  • Snow Sports will be doing lessons by Appointment ONLY. Lesson space is limited, lessons must be booked in advance call 208-744-1301 x 15 or email for questions and reservations.
  • Sadly many of our events are being suspended for this winter. We will be enjoying the slopes but our fun events, which usually result in a crowd or gathering to watch (like pond skimming, the Cardobard Box Derby & our Easter Egg Hunt) will unfortunately not likely take place this winter. These will be back on the schedule for next spring. 
  • If any guests are planning to visit and feel sick we implore you to make a prudent decision and stay home. Making some awesome turns is not worth putting others health at risk.
  • If you have recently traveled to an area with a heightened risk we also ask you to stay home.     
  • Porta Johns will be added with clensing stations one set just below our new Quad Lift, and another near the steps into the area and just below the lodge. Possibly even. one at the summit. 

All of these practices are based on guidance provided by the CDC and WHO, along with guidance from our local, U.S. Government and Public Health Agencies and thru numerous conversations with other mountain on how best to keep ski areas open in a Covid-19 winter.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a cold or the flu, if you think you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or if you have traveled out of the country in the last two weeks to an impacted area, we ask that you please reschedule your planned visit to the ski area. 

We are happy to assist you with questions or group reservation rescheduling needs. Phone: 208.744.1234