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Make Plans to enjoy a SCENIC CHAIRLIFT RIDE or DOWNHILL MOUNTAIN BIKING this summer off the NEW Peak 1 Quad Chairlift at Ski Lookout Pass. 

Ride Up the lift to enjoy the awesome views and to gain elevation. Take a leasurly hike down the mountain, or just hike around the summit and then ride back down on our NEW American Made (SkyTrac) Quad Chairlift. 

We have Family Friendly Hiking Trails and Family Friendly Downhill Mountain Bike Trails for you to explore. We have developed five single track to wider trails through the woods. There will be more trail development in the future. We're on Forest Service lands so we just can't go out and cut trails willy nilly where we might want. We have concentrated on opening up some of the old XC Trails that had fallen debri that needed cleared out for this summer. More of these trails will be cleared in the future! 

Our NEW SkyTrac Quad Chairlift will transport those interested in a scenic lift ride, hiking or Mountain Biking (along with their bikes) up to the summit. 

  Trails will be open on Fri., Sat. & Sun. starting June 12th for Scenic Lift Rides with Hiking and Mountain Biking open on June 19th, again
  on Fri., Sat. & Sun. 10 am to 3:30 pm. thru September 20th.  

  SCENIC LIFT RIDES or LIFT RIDES UP and HIKING DOWN: $13 for Adults 13 & up, $9 for Youth ages 5 to 12 years. 
  LIFT SERVED MTN BIKING DAY PASS: $28 for Adults 13 & up, $20 for youth 5 to 12 years. There is no free riding on the mountain. 
  If you want to get exercise and ride up the trails great but you still need a ticket and it includes access to the lift. 

Enjoy a ride to the Summit and pick delicious Huckleberries - Prime time for picking should be Aug. 14th thru the first weekend in September.

Family out picking Delicious Huckleberries on the Summit at Ski Lookout Pass. 

This is what you are looking for a bush laden with Huckleberries on the summit at Ski Lookut Pass. 

We also offer a FREE 9 Hole Frisbee Disk Golf Course - located at the Mountains Summit with great views. This is eqsily available to anyone who rides the lift up. Views are spectacular and you can enjoy eating Huckleberries all along the course when they are in season. Photo shows Ivy has got this game down - Great Put! 

Closest to the Pin (Net) wins the right to play first on our new Frisbee Disk Golf Course at Ski Lookout Pass!
Just look at those distant views of the Saint Regious Peak Basin in the background!       

Last updated 8/13/2020!